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We are all familiar with the high percentage of the demand of house and top tiles manufacturers 2017, but in latest years, we have seen a rise in a demand for apartment and this trend seems to be unstoppable.  In Ho Chi Minh City, the number of projects for the apartment building that are under construction is much higher than that of projects for residential areas. Among 18 big projects started t construct in just this year 2017, projects that about complex buildings, apartment buildings occupy the most in the list. And we do not even count the number of small apartment projects that started all over every corner of the city.

Have you known clearly about apartment industry? And why apartment is so hot a trend like this?

Why apartment is a hot trend?

We should admit that this rise in demand for buying the new apartment is mainly because of the growth in the number of population in big cities. The problem here is that there, not enough space for everyone to live.

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And as the tradition of Vietnamese people, a man must have a house to be recognized a successful person. Not mention that the bigger the house is, the more successful that person can be recognized. All these things lead to the price of the common house continue to increase significantly. As I already said, there is not enough space for building houses for such a large amount of people, especially in urban areas. However, a major of young civilians who are not affected by their parents’ traditions, think that apartments are not a bad idea. Apartment buildings have solved lots of housing issues for citizens in many countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, US. One apartment building can give a house for average about 200 to 1000 families with a price just half of a house.

But, what is apartment? And how many types and sizes of it? How can you choose a suitable apartment for you?

How to choose a suitable apartment

Apartments have many sizes but here we only talk about some most common sizes of an apartment divided into 4 groups of structures that we may see the most when we come to any real estate agency in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Studios: including Standard studios and Alcove studio/Executive studio.
  • One bedroom: including Junior 1 bedroom and Standard 1 bedroom.
  • Two bedrooms: including Convertible 1 bedroom and Standard 2 bedrooms.
  • Three bedrooms: including Convertible 2 bedrooms and Standard 3 bedrooms.

Similarly, we only talk about what apartment buildings in Ho Chi Minh City provide customers. And in terms of types, we have these most common ones:

  • Penthouse Apartment – This type of apartment is situated on a building’s top floor. They are regarded as luxurious apartments due to the extra amenities such as balconies and roof-top deck.
  • Serviced Apartment – These apartments are well furnished and are fitted with all the facilities needed by the tenant/guest. Often, serviced apartments are used for short term stays but they may also be used for prolonged stays. Most people prefer them to hotels as they have more space and are convenient for families – you can cook your own meal as if you were in your own home.

Additionally, some new apartment for rent in  binh thanh district also give you a new type of apartments, only appears in just a few years but is very common in the US: duplex apartments, which contain 2 floors connected by a stair, just like a normal house with 2 floors, but it is in an apartment building.

Apartment industry is daily expanding. Living in an apartment is not the new things for Vietnamese people. Of course, the apartment cannot replace the need for the house, but its own characteristics can be an ideal thing for a lot of people, especially young Vietnamese people and foreigners living in big cities like Saigon or Ha Noi.

If you want to change your living place, let’s consider about the apartment for rent in ho chi minh city in the future. If you do not have enough money to buy one, thousands of apartments, which prices are various, are waiting for you to rent them. Whether it is a house or an apartment, each kind of living place has its own benefits, so be wise and choose the most suitable and safe place for you.

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