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Nice apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

Are you intending to rent an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City? You are parents wanting to lease an apartment for your child to live in during 4 years studying in a university in Ho Chi Minh City? You have no idea in how to seek for an apartment with trusted when there are hundreds of websites advertising rental apartments. Here are some ideal websites that you can give you trust to them when you decide to rent an apartment available on these websites:

1.    VIS:

VIS (Vietnam International Services) is a professional website focusing on customers who are foreigners seeking for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. VIS agents are a group of English speakers who has deep experiences in real estate field. Moreover, because its customers are foreigners coming from different countries with different time-zone, VIS provide a 24/7 service, with the aim of ensuring any customers can reach out to VIS and be served with comfortability. On VIS website, you can search for many apartments in 5 central districts (district 1, district 3, district 4, Binh Thanh district, and Phu Nhuan district), along with 4 main types of the apartment for rent: studio, service apartment, condominium/house/villa, and room without kitchen. All items have real images and are updated every day so that customers will not miss any ideal apartment they may enjoy. Additionally, any customer wants a help in visa, VIS also had a service for that part.

    Website: http://vis.estate/

    Hotline: (+84) 911 719 001

    Email: contact@vis.estate

arcstarinspections-apartment in Ho Chi Minh City


Vnrental is a free charge website whose aimed customers are anyone from any country wanting to rent an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City. Its content include apartments available for rent in various districts and some of other provinces with most of the items on the website are located at central districts of Ho Chi Minh City (district 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, Bình Thạnh district, Phú Nhuận district, Tân Bình district) and the rest fall into district 8 of HCMC, and some other cities (Vũng Tàu, Nha Trang). Like VIS website, Vnrental has three main types of apartment, which are normal apartments, service apartments, villas. But if you want to find an office for rent or a room for rent, Vnrental have some items available for you, too. Additionally, if you have an apartment and you want to advertise it for rent, you can contact this website.

    Website: http://www.vnrental.com/

    Hotline: 0909. 174 935

    Email: info@vnrental.com

Nice apartment


Airbnb is a very famous website for travelers. It’s a professional website with numerous apartments and houses and any kind of accommodation you want in different countries. Many apartment owners in Ho Chi Minh City have chosen to advertise their properties on this website to seek for short-term renters because the travelers usually stay in Saigon for their journey only from few days to 1 month. To compete with other owners, these apartments for rent in Airbnb tend to add other benefits along with the apartment. Therefore, customers can have more interests when accessing this website for renting an apartment in a short period of time.

    Website: https://www.airbnb.com/

AIRBNB - apartment in Ho Chi Minh City with arcstarinspections

4.    ZITA:

For Vietnamese people who wants to rent an apartment in other provinces or cities in Vietnam, Zita can qualify their needs. Zita is a very-well-designed website, helping their customers find it relax when doing the research on the website. Moreover, Zita has earned many credits from famous, popular channels such as VTV, HTV, VnExpress, Doanh Nhân Saigon Online, CafeBiz, CafeF. It is because Zita.vn is a start-up project that had found out a unique way to run its business. This company has a crew of real estate experts that can help customers to find out the most suitable apartment for rent. The website applied the latest model of searching and locating from the US, make it easy to research and upload information. Its partners are trusted real estate companies and corporations which are famous by big projects and a long time of credits by the citizens from all over Vietnam. 

    Website: https://www.zita.vn/

    Hotline: 093.111.9482

    Email: support@zita.vn

Above are some websites you can trust when finding an apartment for rent. Hope you will enjoy and have a great experience when using these services provided by these websites and their partners.

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